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Massaging shampoo, Complete hand blow-dry, thorough brushing, ear cleaning, ear hair plucking(if needed), clean eyes and toenails trimmed - this is the cleaning every dog needs. It is also great for in-between grooms! - Cologne, bandana, or bows available upon request.*


Massaging shampoo, complete hand blow-dry, thorough brushing, ear cleaning/ear hair plucking, clean eyes, clip toenails, & cologne and your choice of breed clip, sanitary trim or shave-down - Perfect for show dogs & breeds with medium to long coats that require extra brushing and/or regular clipping (every 6-8 weeks). Bandana or bow upon request.*


We also offer additional services such as:

FURminator® De-Shedding™ Treatment
Tired of watching the fur fly? The FURminator® shed-less treatment drastically reduces shedding (up to 80%) to make your precious pet look and feel mutterly awesome!
(For more info see the FURminator® page on the main menu)

Sanitary Trim
Treat your dog to the finishing touch of a sanitary trim to help eliminate messes and discomfort. Ever tried to walk with a wrinkled sock in your shoe? Having excess fur between a dog’s paw pads can be just as uncomfortable. We’ll trim that excess foot fur as well as trim the fur on their belly, bottom, and back legs to maintain cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is next to dogliness!

(For very mildly matted hair) Your groomer will assess whether or not de-matting can be accomplished safely. In many cases, the only humane thing to do is to shave the coat and start over. Your groomer will try to leave the coat as long as possible, but in the case of major doggie dreadlocks, shaving may be the only option. Remember, it grows back, and your pet will feel better with a fresh start!
(For more info on de-matting see our FAQs on the main menu)

Teeth Brushing
Kisses from Fido got you down? Regular teeth brushing can ward off severe health problems and leave your pet with fresh, clean breath!

Haircut or Shave Down
Whether it’s a stylish breed clip, a cute teddy bear cut, or a nice cool buzz for summer, we can take care of all that fur in a jiffy!

Dremel Nails (no clipping)
Pawfect for those pets that would rather flip than clip. This is an electric nail file that gently and efficiently sands down and rounds off your pet's nails.

Flea Bath
Sit back and watch as the fleas flee! We’ll bathe your pet in all-natural flea and tick shampoo to rid them of those pesky little creatures. Our flea bath kills 100% of fleas and ticks immediately and without irritating the skin.

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