Why Mobile?

Advantages of Mobile Grooming

  • We bring our state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon right to your door - Convenient curbside service to your home or office saves you time, gas, stress etc.
  • No car ride - Mobile grooming eliminates the stress and mess of car sickness and all the anxiety your dog may suffer during the car ride.
  • Pet stays home - Your pet doesn’t have to leave your property, but you get to leave the fur and mess in our mobile salon, not all over your car, yard, etc.
  • Pet gets one-on-one attention - We pamper your pet from start to finish without interruptions inside our custom built mobile salon until the chosen services are complete.
  • No cages or cage drying - Instead of sitting cold, wet, and alone in a cage under fans your dog will get fluff drying by hand.
  • Eliminates anxiety brought on by other noisy animals - Instead of other barking dogs and anxious cats your pet will be in a calming environment.
  • No contact with other animals Your pets are not exposed to other animal’s potential diseases or parasites.
  • No sedatives ever
  • Familiar environment for your pet - Instead of a day away from their familiar environment, your pet gets to stay on their own property which greatly reduces separation anxiety.
  • Windows on the sides of the grooming salon - During their groom, your pet can see familiar surroundings.
  • Mobile salon is sterilized after each groom
  • Climate controlled salons -Our climate controlled mobile salons run on their own power source.

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