Dog Walking Policies

Premium Payment Plan:
The Premium Payment Plan is the ideal plan for clients that have a consistent weekly schedule and would like to pay monthly. Clients are billed a flat rate fee based on a discounted daily rate. Clients also have the convenience of paying with a major credit card. Your rate will be the same each billing cycle unless you add visits to your regular schedule. Additional visits are billed per visit.

Inclement Weather:
To insure the safety of our staff and your pets, we will only take dogs out to walk on days when the temperature is above 30 degrees and below 100 degrees. Otherwise, we will take your dog out for a quick bathroom break and then play with them indoors for the remainder of the visit. Visits will only be canceled if weather forces schools to close in your area. There will be no charge if we cancel your visit due to weather.

Payment Procedure:

Clients can pay their monthly bill by check or major credit card. Credit cards are kept on file and processed on a monthly billing cycle. Clients are emailed an invoice for their records. Clients who prefer to pay by check will be invoiced monthly. As a client of Your Pet Staff LLC, you have a reserved slot on our schedule. Your monthly bill will remain the same unless you add visits to your regular schedule or use your vacation allowance.

DOG-GONE! You may cancel two weeks of walks per year in one-week blocks, without charge, if you call the office with a minimum of two weeks notice. Your monthly bill will be prorated when you use your yearly vacation allowance.

Your Pet Staff LLC does not provide DOG WALKING service on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and one (1) floating holiday of your choice.

Cancellation Procedure:

If you prefer that your walker not make the daily visit, please call our office by 9:00 AM at 817-735-1486. (Please note that because the Premium rates are flat monthly rates, canceled visits do not reduce your monthly bill.)