Dog Walking FAQ

Q: Why is fitness so important for my dog?yoga_dog
A: Nearly 40-50% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight. SPCA studies have shown that overweight dogs aremore prone to increased health problems. These include heart, respiratory and digestive impairments, slower healing processes, poor resistance to viral and bacterial infections, and aggravated orthopedic conditions.

Q: What if my dog is not overweight?
A: Your dog’s mental health may also benefit from regular exercise. Activity keeps oxygen and other nutrients like glucose (blood sugar) at optimum levels in the brain, leading to improved brain function and an overall happier, more balanced dog.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Since 1996.

Q: Is the company and its staff bonded and insured?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes. See the Testimonials page of the website. We are also happy to provide additional references from your own neighborhood or area of town. Just call the office.

Q: What is the difference between midday dog walking and pet sitting?
A: Midday service/dog walking is routine care for your pet while you are away during the day. Pet sitting is in-home care scheduled multiple times per day to care for your pet(s) while you are out of town.

Q: Do you only care for dogs?
A: No, we provide midday care for all pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc.

Q: Will my dog be walked with a group or by itself?
A: We only walk multiple dogs if they are from the same household. While it is more economical for companies to walk 4 or 5 dogs at a time, this is not necessarily the safest, healthiest or least stressful approach for your pooch. We take a safer, more personalized approach to caring for your dog.

Q: My pet has special needs. Will you be able to administer his medications?
A: Yes. Although we are not certified veterinarian technicians, we do have experience with most medicine applications. If your pet needs medications please review the procedures with your pet care provider to insure correct administration.

Q: Do I have to be at home when you come to pick up/drop off my dog?
A: No. For those who live in individual neighborhood homes or apartments, the keys are generally kept on file after completion of the initial registration visit. In buildings with a concierge service, you can have the keys available at the desk, or have our staff keep possession of them.

Q: How are your keys labeled?
A: To insure the security of your family, pets and home, keys are labeled using a coding system with no identifiable information.

Q: May I give my pet care provider a gratuity?
A: Absolutely! You may give gratuities directly to your pet care provider, or if you prefer you may pay it to the company with instructions.

Q: Should I call my pet care provider directly?
A. No. To respect their privacy and to maintain our professionalism, please do not call your pet care provider at home. All calls should go through our office number only. We can only guarantee service that is scheduled through the office and documented in our system.

Q: Do you offer pet sitting services when I travel?
A. Yes. Your Pet Staff LLC has pet sitting service to handle all your travel-related pet sitting needs. We will often wrap pet sitting visits around existing midday schedules. This saves you money on our regular pet sitting rates and your pet will be cared for by the people they already know and trust.

Q: What exactly is the Registration Visit?
The Registration Visit will take place in your home at a time that is convenient for you and your pet care provider in order to establish your client file and to allow you and your pet an opportunity to meet your pet care provider prior to starting service.

You will complete our Service Agreement and Pet Profile(s) and provide 2 keys that have been tested and are known to work. The more your pet care provider knows the better they will be able to cater to your pet’s needs.

Q: Why two keys?
This ensures that if an emergency arises with your pet care provider, another qualified pet care provider will be able to continue caring for your pet(s) without difficulty. Before your pet care professional leaves the initial interview, both keys will be tested to make sure they work.

Q: What is the Key on File program?
Keys can be retained by the pet care provider and the office allowing all future service to be handled by phone. We do not allow clients to hide keys and we do not lock keys in the house on the last visit. Our satisfied clients enjoy knowing that if an emergency occurs (a missed or delayed flight, a last minute trip or a late night at the office) we can step in quickly and make sure their pet(s) are cared for.

Our safe and secure coding system prevents anyone from linking the key back to the client.
However, if you prefer not to use our key on file service, a pickup/drop off key charge will be added to your next service charge