Pet Sitting Benefits

FOR YOU?dog_on_sofa

  • Provides quality, affordable, LOVING pet care right in your (and your pet’s) own home.
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of having to transport your pet(s) to a kennel.
  • Relieves the anxiety of relying on neighbors and friends to take time out of their busy schedules to care for your pets.
  • Provides peace of mind that while you’re away your pet is in capable, professional and caring hands.


  • Allows your pet to remain in his or her safe, secure environment where all the sights, sounds and smells are familiar.
  • Enables your pet to maintain his or her normal diet, exercise and medical routine.
  • Eliminates exposure to illnesses or parasites from other animals.
  • Ensures that your pet receives the same love and personal attention you give daily - even while you’re away.


  • To keep from alerting thieves to your absence…WE DO NOT HAVE SIGNS ON OUR WORK VEHICLES.
  • Bring in mail, newspapers, flyers, and other packages.
  • Alternate lights, open/close blinds, turn on and off television and/or radio, and water plants.
  • Handle emergencies
  • Light Pool Care

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